Zambia is a Christian nation, though other religions are practiced. Churches are very prevalent even in villages.
Churches vary in size and quality, depending on the wealth of a village. Some churches are made of very brickwork with metal roofing. Others are just a simple thatch roof supported by poles. The church is the largest structure in the village because it holds a large amount of people. Has to have a large enclosure to hold people in. Bricks are not always affordable so reedmats are sometimes used for infill between poles or columns.
The span of the roof is the biggest concern. The longer the span the higher the roof and the more material which is used. Many villages build a shallow roof which over time sags and eventually leaks.
Construction Of:
The length of the church has no limitations because it is a bay system. Either poles or brick columns support the roof structure. Walls become mainly infill but add to the support and rigidity as well.
Sometimes treated specially to give emphasis. A wall or screen is placed in front of the door and people go around the screen.
The brickwork can be very elaborate. Creating window openings can be simple, have and arch or a crown.
Tree poles in the shape of a "Y" are used to support a plank of wood which serves as a pew.
Support for the roof is from brick columns, large poles or walls themselves.
Construction in theory is a repetitive system, each a bay which can be any length.
Openings can be placed in the infill of these bays. Light is needed in the space.
people enclosed in a space
view looking at an altar
this is a church in northwest province, it is constructed of burnt brick and a metal roof.